Perkiomen X-Day: Advice for Students

MCTIGUE Architecture on September 23, 2022
In 2020, Perkiomen, a preparatory school north of Philadelphia, PA, began offering weekly, virtual “X-period” classes. Known as “X-Day”,  the classes bring together an array of speakers— some alumni and some community friends—to share their experiences and insights into their professional work. A graduate from 1976, Drew Pedrick was honored to participate. 

In this excerpt, Drew shares his advice with the audience:
Follow your passion, go deep, and make the most of your experiences.
Fear less.
Appreciate just how much things connect in this world. 
Always look for ways to work collaboratively and appreciate the knowledge of others and how that connects with what you do.

About Drew Pedrick
At an early age, Drew understood his passions were to design buildings and spaces and do so with care for the planet. Drew began his architecture career as a lighting designer, then worked in the construction phase of architecture, gaining detailed, and practical knowledge. His work quickly grew to include design phases, ultimately leading design, leading teams, and establishing client relations. Today Drew finds his work coming equally from his many long-standing relationships and the new ones he and his team build.